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Gasket Maker 515 - Flange Sealant / LOCTITE
Loctite; Gasket; Gasket Maker; Gasket Maker 515;Flange Sealant; Gasket material; anaerobic gasket;sealant; loctite; henkel; flange sealant; o-ring; loctite; locktite; locker; glue
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Part # LOC38655

Loctite® Gasket Maker 515™ Flange Sealant is a flexible, gasketing material for use on rigid machined flanges with less than 0.015" gap. OEM approved – use where OEs specify 515 or “anaerobic” gasket (cures in absence of air).

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Part #: LOC38655

  • Eliminates preformed, pre-cut, paper, rubber and cork gaskets.
  • Forms a flexible, solvent-resistant seal that cannot tear or decay. For rigid machined flanges. Flexes with flanges that move in-service.
  • Gasket Maker 515 seals to 300°F and fills gaps to 0.050".
  • It can be used as a gasket dressing or form-in place gasket maker, on a variety of metal assemblies. Anerobic sealant 1.69 Fl.oz, 50ml tube
  • Typical applications include water pumps, thermostat housings, transmission pans, transmission case covers, transaxle casings, O-ring replacement
  • For rigid machined flanges. Flexes with flanges that move in-service.

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