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Headlight Protective Lens Orange - BMW R1200 / EnDuraLast
63218525100,63 21 8 525 100,63128527540,63 12 8 527 540,63128527540,63 12 8 527 540,Headlight Protective Lens Clear -BMW R1200 - Protective Lens - EnDuraLast
Part #: HLG-R1200Y

Orange Protective Lens for Headlight - removable design.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: R1200 Hexhead Models
Make/Model: BMW R1200GS, R1200GS ADV, R1200GSW
Model Years: 2003 -2017

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab to verify vehicle fitment)

Brand: Made in South Africa

EME Price $29.99

Part #: HLG-R1200Y

Application Table
Design compliments the motorcycle styling

Guard is easily removable for headlamp cleaning - industrial strength 3M Velcro attachment tabs

Clear shatter resistance protective lens

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