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Handlebar Combination Switch Right - Early BMW Airhead; 61 31 1 351 219 / EI
61 31 1 351 219,61311351219,R27 Right Handlebar Indicator Switch,R50/5 Right Handlebar Indicator Switch,R60/5 Right Handlebar Indicator Switch,R69 Right Handlebar Indicator Switch,R75/5 Right Handlebar Indicator,R27 Indicator Switch,R50/5 Indicator Switch
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Part #: HBSwitch219E

Right Handlebar Indicator Switch with Starter Button.

See HBSwitch220E for the left hand switch.

NOTE: These are no longer available from BMW.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW Airhead Models
Make/Model: BMW R27, R50/5, R60/5, R69, R75/5
Model Years: 1960 - 1980
Manufacturer Part # : 61 31 1 351 219

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

Brand: Emerald Island
EME Price $120.00

Quantity in Stock:9
Part #: HBSWITCH219E

Application Table
Installation Instructions: (Refer to photo of back of switch)

NOTE: This switch must be wired to the end of the harness with the brake light switch spur (i.e the sub-harness with the green/black and green/red wires)

With the switch in the central position work clockwise from the switch round the terminals using the following colors:
  1. Blue / Black
  2. Brown / Black
  3. Green/Yellow
  4. Brown
  5. Blue/Red
  6. Yellow

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