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Fuel Filter - BMW R Airhead / EnDuraLast
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Part #: FF-936E

EnDuraLast Inline Fuel Filter with 68% more Filtration Material than Leading Inline fuel Filters!

Please check the diameter of your hose prior to ordering - - fits 1/4" / 6mm fuel line.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: ALL BMW R Airhead
Make/Model: BMW : R60, R75, R80, R100... etc.
Model Years: 1969-1995
Manufacturer #: N/A

Original Equipment Quality Filtration Paper :

EME Price $1.99

Part #: FF-936E

Filters fuel contaminants for ease of fuel flow increasing gas mileage and engine performance. See-thru feature allows you to view filter contamination for ease of maintenance. For use with non-pressurized gravity feed systems only.


  • Outside Diameter : 1.41 inches
  • Height : 4.2 inches
  • Inside Fuel Line Diameter : Allows for both 6mm and 8mm fuel line hose
  • 69% MORE filtration material than leading inline fuel filters.

See EME Part No
FF-312 for the MANN filter