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LED 2-in-1 Driving Light/Turn Signal Upgrades for Newer BMW F Bike, G Bike, Hexhead, K Bike, S Bike Models / Weiser
Weiser Ultrabrights 2-in-1 LED Driving Light/Turn Signal Upgrades for newer BMW Motorcycles, R1200RS, R1200R, R1200GS, R1200GSA, RnineT, F700GS, F800GS, F800GSA, F800GT, G450X, G650X, G650GS, K1300S, S1000R, S1000RR, S1000XR
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Part #: EXT-DTC-BM01

These 2-in-1 LED Driving Light/Turn Signal upgrades are the brightest, safest and simplest lighting solutions available. Designed specifically for newer BMW motorcycles, this product fits right inside the front wheel OEM indicator housing - no need for brackets, drilling or clamping. A full fitting kit is included with all components labelled and coded, along with the required wiring instructions and circuit diagram. Full written instructions are also included.

NOTE: The pack contains both left and right lights.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW F Bike, G Bike, Hexhead, K Bike, S Bike Models
Make/Model: BMW F700, F800, G450, G650, K1300, R1200, R nineT, S1000
Model Years: 2011 Onward
Voltage: 12v

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EME Price $249.00
You save $79.01!

Part #: EXT-DTC-BM01

Technical Specs Application Table
Combined in an intelligent electronic circuit board design, this innovative LED upgrade has 24 powerful automotive standard LEDs: 12 amazingly bright white LEDs for the driving lights and 12 ultra-orange amber LEDs for the turn signals.

When youíre riding, these Ultrabright 2-in-1 upgrades have white driving lights which are always on. Thatís until you need to tell other road users that youíre making a turn. Flick your turn signal on and the driving light goes out on the side you select and the equally bright LED amber turn signal lights up. Cancel your turn signal after the maneuver and the driving light comes back on. Switch to hazard lights and both flash amber.

The white LED driving lights are designed to come on with your ignition and stay on throughout your ride whether itís day or night, sunshine or rain Ė and you get extra bright turn signals too all contained within your original turn signal housing.

Designed specifically for BMW motorcycles, this is a clever, cost-effective alternative to fitting heavy, bulky, ugly bolt-on driving lights. With Ultrabrights 2-in-1 upgrades, you donít have to spoil the look of your bike to be safer on the road.

Ultrabrights Installation
Weiser On The Road
  • Added safety
  • Designed to give a very high intensity light performance in all weathers
  • Designed specifically for BMW bikes
  • Fits neatly into the original housing
  • No need for additional external fitting
  • Designed to work with your bikeís electronics
  • No need for brackets, drilling or clamping
  • Adds ultra-minimal weight to your bike
  • Takes just 30 minutes to an hour to fit
  • Very easy to replace if you drop your bike
  • More effective and more affordable than other options
  • Low cost or expensive bike, this solution fits them all