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Coil Mounting Bracket x 1 - BMW and Moto Guzzi / Dynatek
Dyna-CoilDCB-1 Dyna coil mounting bracket. BMW, Moto Guzzi, and others. mount Dyna ignition coils
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Part #: Dyna-BracketDCB-1x1

Dyna Coil Mounting Bracket - for mounting 1 Dyna coil, with 1 bracket, 2 nuts & 2 bolts .
This is a universal mounting bracket as supplied by Dynatek. Additional modifications may be required to fit depending on your specific application.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: Dyna ignition coils
Make/Model: BMW R Airhead
Model Years: 1969-1978 and later * Some modifications may be necessary for model years 1979 and later *

Part Manufacturer :
EME Price $10.00


NOTE: This item is NON RETURNABLE due to the ability to trace and pattern the bracket.

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