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Stick Coil (Straight) - BMW G310R, HP4 and S1000RR; 12 13 7 710 874 / BMW
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Part #: BMW-SCoil874

Coil over plug, ignition stick coil for BMW S1000RR, HP4 and G310R

4 Stick coils are required for the S1000RR and HP4 and a single stick coil for the G310R - BMW recommends replacing coils as a set.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW G and S Bikes
Make/Model: G310R, HP4 and S1000RR
Model Years: 2008-2016
BMW Coil #: 12 13 7 710 874

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab to verify vehicle fitment)

BMW List Price $197.73
EME Price $197.73

Part #: BMW-SCOIL874

Application Table
As per BMW Technical Service Bulletin, all coils should be replaced as a complete set.

  • Made in Germany
  • Improved design with stainless steel jacket for strength and heat reflection
  • 1K Ohm total resistance

Over time, heat and aging make the spark plug connector brittle. The terminal connection becomes loose in the sealing area of the spark plug, which may cause misfiring and other poor ignition symptoms.

Installation Guide:

  1. Switch off the IGNITION. Wait for 15 minutes before removing the spark plug coil. This prevents voltage peaks that may damage or destroy the Engine Electronic Control Unit .
  2. Remove the defective coil.
  3. Apply a thin film a dielectric grease to the neck of the spark plug, or the inner part of the rubber sealing boot.
  4. Re-attach the spark plug coil to the spark plug.
  5. Check the primary connector contacts for oxidation and clean if required. Apply dielectric grease for improved continuity and future oxidation prevention.

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