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  • Fasteners

    Exhaust Nuts, Oil Filter Bolts, Rotor Bolt, Stator Frame Bolt, Engine Cover Plate Bolt, Hose Clamps, Battery Straps, Battery Bolts, Zip Ties
  • Tools

    BMW Tool Kits, Hall Sensor Testers, Puncture Repair Kits, Clutch Centering Mandrels, Oil Wrenches, Exhaust Nut Wrench, Feeler Gauges, Gloves.

BMW Tool Kits (Large and small), complemented by Hall Sensor Testers, Top Dead Center Pins, Clutch Centering Mandrels, BMW Rear Wheel Wrench, Feeler Gauges for Valve Adjustments, Spark Plug and Stick Coil Removal Tools, Oil Wrenches and Tire Repair Kits.