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  • Coils

    Stick Coils for every BMW Model, Bosch Coils, Dyna Coils and EnDuraLast Coils. Coil Clamps, Brackets and Removal Tool.
  • Hall Sensors

    Hall Effect Sensors by Bosch and German made EnDuraLast. Hall Sensor Testers for all applications, TDC Locking Pin and Refurbished Bean Cans.
  • Ignition Modules

    Ignition Modules, Heavy Duty Modules with improved Heat Transfer. Ignition Wire Harness and Airhead Module Bracket.
  • Ignition Upgrades

    Improve your Ignition System by adding Reliability and Performance.
  • Spark Plug Wires

    Replacement Spark Plug Wires, Spark Plug Cap, Spark Plug Wire Set Kits including Dielectric Grease.
  • Spark Plugs

    BOSCH Resistor Spark Plugs and NGK Spark Plugs (resistor and non-resistor) for all Heat Ranges. Oilhead Spark Plug Wire Removal Tool
  • Timing

    Timing Chain, Chain Tensioners, Timing Chain Guide Rails & Straps.
Ignition System Upgrades including Ignition System Components including Coils, Stick Coils, Hall Sensors, Ignition Modules, Points/Condensers/Advance Units, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wire Sets and Accessories including Tools, Seals, Grease, Brackets, Clamps and Electrical Harnesses.