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Heads Up Voltage Monitor / Signal Dynamics
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Part # SD-1050

The system will provide you with instant information to see whether your battery voltage is normal or not - at a glance! The single, multi-color LED (red-amber-green) visually indicates the state of your motorcycle's battery / charging system.

The Heads Up™ Voltage Monitor contains a micro-processor that monitors the output of the charging system and is accurate to within 200 milli-volts. The Heads Up™ Voltage Monitor has an onboard microprocessor that performs a self-test each time voltage is applied. Additionally, you will be notified of serious fault conditions by an attention-getting flash of the LED.

Easy mounting on your dash through a 1/4" hole with bezel or along instrument cluster! Simple to use and install.

Vehicle Manufacturer: Any
Application: 12v DC electrical system

• Single Multi-Color LED visual indicator to mount on dash
• Precision microprocessor monitoring
• Automatic self-testing sequence at motorcycle start up
• Auto-dimming - after 8 seconds, LED intensity is dimmed to 50%
• Easy installation - can be mounted virtually anywhere
• Requires only a small 0.25 inch / 6 mm hole in your vehicle dashboard to mount the LED bulb.
• Label Included for referencing voltage colors
• Voltage sampling: 50,000 times per second
• Serious fault detection & notification
• Installation Guide included
EME Price $29.99

Part #: SD-1050

Height (in): 5/8"
Length (in): 2 1/4"
Width (in): 1 5/8"
Wire Length: 18"- 24"
Material: Anodized Aluminum Case with Epoxy Potting
Wire: 16AWG - 20AWG

Weight: Less than 1lb
System Requirement: 12VDC
Voltage range: 6 to 17 VDC
Accuracy: within 200 millivolts.
Amp draw: 20–85 milli-amps
Attachment Method: Included Double Sided Adhesive Pad
Package Contents: Heads Up™ Voltage Monitor, Adhesive, Bezel, Color Label
Color / Finish: Black Anodized
Hardware Included: Yes (1 bezel for LED mounting)
Connectors Included: No
Waterproof: No
Water Resistant: Yes
Heat and Vibration Resistant: Yes

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