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Platinum Spark Plug - Late Model Moto Guzzi 05717030 PMR8B / NGK
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Part #: PMR8B

NGK Premium Laser Double Platinum Spark Plug

Vehicle Manufacturer: Moto Guzzi
Application: Breva 1100, Griso 1100, California Vintage, Norge 1200, Sport 1200, Griso 1200, Stelvio 1200, 1200 Sport 8V, Bellagio 940
Make/Model: Moto Guzzi (see above)
Model Years: Late Model Dual Plugged
Manufacturer #: 05717030, GU05717030,
Power Rating: Heat Range 8 (1=Hot / 9=Cold)

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab to verify vehicle fitment)

Original Equipment :
EME Price $15.75
BUY NOW $13.99
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Part #: PMR8B

Technical Specs Application Table
  • Laser Welded Platinum
  • Trivalent Metal Plating
  • Anti-Fouling Characteristics
  • Round Platinum Disc on Ground
  • High Ignitability and Longer Service Life
  • Dual Platinum Surfaces Ensure Slow Wear Rate Providing Stable Idle, Improved Fuel Efficiency and Lower Emissions
  • Corrugated Ribs Prevent Flashover
  • Copper Core Aids in Heat Removal
  • Triple Seals Prevent Leakage

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