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Spark Plug Wire Set with Resistor - BMW Oilhead (Single Plugged); 12 12 1 342 641 / EnDuraLast
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Part #: BMW-WSR641OE

Original Equipment Spark Plug Wire Set ( includes 2 wires) with Resistor for anti-radio static suppression.

The set comprises 7mm silicone wire set x 2 wires, with silicone spark plug end boot and silicone coil end boot and internal brass tubing for positive spark plug terminal nut contact.

DOES NOT FIT "CL" Models nor models with Chrome Valve Covers -

NOTE: The l
ess expensive style (without resistor) is also available see:

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW R Series, 1993-2006 For single spark plug heads only - not for dual spark and not compatible with radio interference suppressed ignition systems as on police models. (Please inquire for a solution)
Make/Model: BMW : R850, R1100, R1150, R1200C*
Model Years: 1993 to 2006
Manufacturer #: 12 12 1 342 641
Power Rating: 7mm silicone wire set, silicone boots, with internal brass tubing for positive spark plug terminal nut contact.

*NOTE: C Models - the wires may require some trimming in order to fit under the cylinder heads - simply trim at the mold seam and then make a perpendicular cut to remove it from the wire.

(See APPLICATION TABLE tab BELOW to verify vehicle fitment)

Brand : Made in the USA!
BMW List Price $237.22
USD Price $69.99

Quantity in Stock:57

Part #: BMW-WSR641OE

Application Table
The spark plug connectors with this set accommodate the BOSCH spark plug FR6DCPLUS terminal nut using a positive engagement spring lock.

The coil connectors are applied to the same terminal nut with positive engagement spring lock.
  • 7mm black silicone wire with resistor 24" long (27" Cap to Cap).
  • Internal brass tubing for positive spark plug terminal nut contact.
  • Resistor for anti-radio static suppression
  • Silicone spark plug end boots and stud connected silicone coil end boots.
  • Silicone withstands temperatures up to 1200F / 650C
  • Includes nylon anti-chaffing sheath jacket over the full length of the cable.
  • Comes with tube of dielectric gel for ease of removing spark plug boots in future
  • OE Style boot allows use of BMW spark plug removal tool, see our Part # BMW-PlugWireTool
  • Less than 50% the price of 2 wires from BMW Dealer !
Installation Note: We recommend that you first install the cover over the cable and boot before, putting the boot over the spark plug. It is a very tight fit so if needed you might trim the boot slightly with a knife. See the provided image above for clarification.

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