Additional Valeo Information


Valeo is a major multi-billion dollar international Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with corporate headquarters in France. Valeo manufactures and distributes products on every continent and is an OE supplier to all of the European and many US vehicle manufacturers.

Valeo's portfolio includes:

  • Charging and Starting Systems
    Alternators and Starters

  • Cooling and Climate Control Systems
    Radiators, Air Conditioning Compressors, Blower Motors

  • Wiper Systems
    Small Motors and Wiper Blades

  • Drivetrain Systems
    Clutch, Pressure Plates and Friction Discs

  • Lighting
    Headlights, etc.
Valeo pioneered the introduction of the Planetary Gear Reduction Starter (PMGR) in the mid 1980's. This design has many features over conventional field coil designs including lighter weight and less amperage demand on the battery with dramatic increases in cranking output.

The PMGR starter motor has increased efficiency through the use of :
Planteray gears which multiply the torque of the starter's armature
High tech magnets which are attached to the starter field housing.

The Valeo D6RA series permanent magnet design starter has been known to be fragile to shock and vibration, as well as moisture (water ingress). These elements can cause the magnets to loose adhesion to the field can. Valeo addressed this issue in late 2002 with improved adhesive and thru modification of the magnet contour to allow more adhesive to be in between the magnet and the field housing.

Euro MotoElectrics has new starters as bolt-on replacements for BMW R and Moto Guzzi. We also specialize in a complete range of Valeo service repair components to maintain and rebuild your starter to Original Equipment New performance. New field magnet housings are available, along with solenoids and other components that often require replacement, including the plastic brush holder.


Euro MotoElectrics specializes in OEM NEW starting systems for European vehicles.

No remanufactured or rebuilt components
  • No Core Charges
  • No Core Returns; No Hassles with freight and handling of cores
  • Install original equipment new parts with confidence and assured reliability
Why install reman, when you can have Original Equipment New, man !

The Valeo permanent magnet, gear reduction starter design will retrofit the older worn out anemic BOSCH starters fitted to BMW R Airheads and Moto Guzzis prior to 1988.

We buy Valeo Starters by the pallet

Valeo's more efficient starter with high strength permanent magnets replace the conventional field coils on BOSCH starters.
  • The Valeo design requires 20% less amperage draw to turn the starter motor over.
    • This allows the battery to provide more voltage and amperage to the ignition system resulting in faster rpm turnovers and quicker starts, all with less amp draw on the battery.
    • Magnets retained in place by special stainless steel tension springs staked to magnet housing supplementing magnet adhesive for increased reliability.
  • New technology provides lighter ( ~ 7 pounds ) starter motor 
  • + 70% to 140% higher cranking torque output than the old BOSCH design.

    Competitive prices with fast service provide you with an Original Equipment New brand and product you can depend on for years of trouble-free starting.