450w Charging System Kit ( 32 Amps ) 107mm Stator - BMW R Airhead / EnDuraLast
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Part #: EDL450-ALTKIT

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Technical Specs Application Table
Part #: EDL450-ALTKIT

The Ultimate Alternator Charging Kit for your BMW 2 valve AIRHEAD with the BOSCH alternator. Beautifully simple design with fewer components to fail. Takes modern original equipment charging system and includes the complete installation components to fit and update your under performing BOSCH system. Featuring a permanent magnet rotor which allows for the elimination of brushes and possible rotor failure. The Hi-Output stator produces ample AC voltage starting at a lower RPM than stock and incrementally increases with higher RPM's. The combined voltage regulator rectifier eliminates the two most common failure items of the BOSCH system, the diode board and voltage regulator. With proper installation reliability and confidence can be restored to your BMW's charging system. The amperage output of this system at low engine RPM's allows use of lighting, heating and other accessories.

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: Retrofits 1977-95 BMW R with a 107mm stator
Make/Model: Model 247, Airhead
Model Years: 1977 to 1995
Power Rating: 450 Watts @ 14 Volts = 32 Amps

(refer to "Technical Specs" Tab for more specific application information)

Note: Not recommended for use with lithium iron batteries. A small percentage of customers report use of dry cell batteries with greater internal resistance can cause components to overheat when attempting to push charging voltage to the battery. We recommend conventional wet acid or sealed AGM batteries.

Brand : 123

See EDL-IGNS for our crank mounted fully digital ignition system for BMW airheads.
EnDuraLast EDL450-AltKit Installation on a Moto Guzzi

29 Amps / 400 Watts @ 5000 RPM
( 32 Amps / 450 Watts Total Maximum Rating)
25 Amps / 350 Watts @ 3000 RPM
20 Amps / 280 Watts @ 2000 RPM

  • Stable 14.2 Voltage production under all load conditions
  • Modern charging technology updates the BMW R-series Airhead original under-performing 20 amp (max) alternator and rectifier
  • The critically important higher amperage output of this system at lower engine RPMs allows lighting, heating and other accessories to be used without discharging the battery or overloading the charging system
Install it now and make it the BEST and FINAL improvement to your charging system !

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