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  Bosch Alternator Kit - BMW R Airhead / EnDuraLast

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BMW List Price $588.97
EME Price $139.00
You save $449.97!


Heavy Duty Diode Board, w / HD wiring harness [Add $10.00]Includes heavy duty wiring harness and wiring diagram.

Bosch 3-Phase Stator (105mm timing cover side / 107.5mm stator frame side) [Add $95.00]

Bosch 3-Phase Stator (105mm Both Sides) [Add $95.00]

Bosch 3-Phase Stator (107mm) [Add $95.00]

Upgrade your rotor to our OE version [Add $20.00]

Description Technical Specs Extended Info

EnDuraLast BOSCH Alternator Kit - for BOSCH Charging System "refresh"

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW R Airhead 2 Valve, Moto Guzzi with BOSCH Alternator
Application: BMW R Airhead 2 Valve, Moto Guzzi with BOSCH Charging System
Make/Model: BMW R Airhead 2 Valve, BMW, BMW R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100 1969-1995; Moto Guzzi 1974-1994
Model Years: 1969-1995
Manufacturer #:
  • BMW 12 31 1 244 642 Alternator Rotor EME Part # BOALT-Rotor642 ( also BMW 12 31 8 002 347 180 W/ 13A )
  • BMW 12 31 1 244 063 Diode Board / Rectifier EME Part # BOALT-Rect063
  • BMW 12 31 1 244 480 Brushes x 2 EME Part # BOALT-Brushes
  • BMW 11 14 1 255 011 Oil Seal for behind Rotor EME Part # BMW-Seal011
Power Rating: up to 270 Watts / 20 Amp; Premium Quality replacement with BOSCH Alternator Charging System

(refer to "Extended Information" Tab for more specific application information )

Brand : 123Manufactured in EEC.

Premium Quality Aftermarket Components supplied in comprehensive kit with all necessary replacement parts that commonly fail and / or need to periodically maintained.
Replaces BOSCH Original Equipment Rotor, Diode Board/ Rectifier, Brushes and Oil Seal for behind rotor, on ALL BMW Airheads and Moto Guzzi model with BOSCH 3-phase Charging System 1969-1995.


The most detailed publication covering BMW Airhead charging written by Rick Jones of Motorrad Elektrik. GET THE BOOK HERE: CBC-BOOK

ALL NEW Components for Comprehensive Overhaul of the Bosch Charging System with Plug-N-Play New Replacement Parts
  • Alternator Rotor - 20 Amp BMW # 12 31 1 244 642
  • Diode Board / Rectifier BMW # 12 31 1 244 063
  • Carbon Brushes x 2 BMW # 12 31 1 244 480
  • Oil Seal for Rotor BMW # 11 14 1 255 011
See our EDL-BOIGN EnDuraSpark Digital Ignition compatible with Bosch 3-phase charging systems.


Rotor- Premium Quality NEW Rotor for use with BOSCH Alternator Charging System 270 Watts / 20 Amp;
Designed to replace the original Bosch Rotor with modern EnDuraLast technology -
  • OEM Iron Claw Poles, ETP Copper Wire, Nylon bobbin, double resin coating for insulation protection.
  • Computer balanced for reduced high engine RPM vibration reduction.
  • Diameter is 0.5mm larger than original for smaller air gap between stator increased current production.
  • Manufactured in Italy by a BOSCH approved supplier / subcontractor.
  • Brand New - no core charge , no exchange of your old rotor required.
If you experience issues where the GEN light stays on above 1000 rpm read the following article on permanently magnetizing your alternator rotor.

Permanently Magnetizing your Bosch Alternator Rotor.

Diode Board / Rectifier - Modern Technology Manufactured Diodes update this old design to provide the latest in reliability and endurance under increased current demand and high heat conditions .
All other connections use high-temp solder.
Supplied with dielectric gel to promote conductivity and protect connections from corrosion
Carbon Brushes - x 2 with original equipment copper and carbon content for long life durability and conductivity
Oil Seal - Refresh old hardened seal with new pliable seal to protect your charging parts investment
Refer to "Technical Specs" Tab for additional information...