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  Battery Cable Kit (4 Gauge) - BMW R Airhead / Negative 61 12 1 244 475, Positive 61 12 1 243 473 / EnDuraLast

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Part # BCK-475473
List Price $56.56
EME Price $24.99
You save $31.57!

Part #: BCK-475473

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Part #: BCK-475473

EnDuraLast Premium Quality 4 Gauge Battery Cable Kit

Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW
Application: BMW R 2V Airhead, BMW R Series, 2V Model 247, Boxer, Airhead
Make/Model: BMW: R45, R50, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100
Model Years: 1969 to 1995
Power Rating: 4 Gauge Cable, 420 Wire Strands, 600 Volt Rated, = + 60% more copper, - 61% less resistance, + 75% ampacity
Manufacturer #:
Negative ( - ) 61 12 1 244 475
Positive ( + ) 61 12 1 243 473 (Supersedes 61 12 1 353 313)

refer to "Extended Info" Tab for specific Application Information and matching positive / negative cable

NOTE: All kits include 6 nylon tie straps and one packet of dielectric grease for corrosion protection.

Brand :

This kit is very similar to the BCK-475216 with the only difference being an extra pigtail lead that branches from the positive cable. We recommend that you check your vehicle to verify which positive cable you require.

Features & Benefits of EnDuraLast Premium Quality 4 Gauge Battery Cable with 420 wire strands

  • Modernizes and Restores vehicle starting process to like new
    • Most vehicles will start in about a second
    • Based on healthy battery voltage of 12.6 Volts at rest and 12+ Volts under load and healthy starter
  • Reduces Starter Strain
    • Maximizes the life of your starter by minimizing low current and resulting high heat
    • Eliminates long starter cranking periods
  • Improved Ground = Improved Charging and overall electrical system performance
    • Brighter lights
    • Better performance from all parts of the electrical system
    • Starter cranking will be improved with higher torque output and increased cranking speed resulting in faster starting
    • Reduces Battery Strain = Longer Battery Life
  • EnDuraLast 4 Gauge Battery Cables will pay for itself in reduced operating costs for your vehicle.
  • EnDuraLast Premium Quality 4 Gauge Battery Cables
    • Deliver premium performance along with ease of installation
    • Simple Installation
    • No cutting of any wires
    • Replace the negative ground lead
    • Install positive battery starter solenoid lead
    • If vehicle has positive battery-starter lead that is spliced into the main vehicle harness, install the positive battery lead in parallel to the starter
    • Electrical current will flow thru the larger gauge cable which has the path of least resistance
EnDuraLast Premium Quality 4 Gauge Battery Cables are over-designed, but not overpriced...

We believe you will be impressed how easily your bike can start !
If you are not satisfied with the performance upgrade, return for your money back
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