Additional EnDuraLast Information


  29 Amps / 400 Watts @ 5000 RPM
( 32Amps / 450 Watts Total Maximum Rating)
  25 Amps / 350 Watts @ 3000 RPM
  20 Amps / 280 Watts @ 2000 RPM
  • Increases amperage by 80% over stock BOSCH systems
  • Stable 14.2 Voltage production under all load conditions
  • Electronic voltage regulator / rectifier combination remotely mounted for increased cooling and reliability, replaces diode board rectifier
  • High-tech permanent magnet rotor will never overheat and short out
  • Brushless design eliminates worn out slip rings & brushes
  • Eliminates "burnt out warning light" no-charge condition of Bosch systems
  • Will retrofit all BMW R Airhead applications 1970-1995, Moto Guzzi 1973-1995 (w / BOSCH or Saprisa AC Charging ) , bolts right on and wires up simply
  • Designed and manufactured to modern OEM specifications
Modern charging technology updates the BMW R-series Airhead and the Moto Guzzi's original under-performing 20 amp (max) alternator and rectifier. The critically important higher amperage output of this system at lower engine RPMs allows lighting, heating and other accessories to be used without discharging the battery or overloading the charging system.

The EnDuraLast System produces 20 amps at 2000 RPM ! 
Install it now and make it the BEST and FINAL improvement to your charging system !

Price $499.00
Complete Charging Kit with permanent magnet rotor, high-output stator and combination electronic voltage regulator /rectifier housed in finned cast-aluminum housing. Includes 20-page color illustrated installation guide, all wiring and connectors, installation hardware, etc.

BMW 1977-1995